On-Demand  Virtual Engagement of Consultants and Subject Matter Experts

A new and exciting aspect of our HEI portfolio of services is a system of providing immediate access to an On-Demand Network of recognized and trusted Subject Matter Experts, available virtually and in real time to today’s decision makers in Healthcare.

When leaders face challenges, have questions, or are accountable to make decisions pertaining to:

  • Regulatory interpretation, implementation, enforcement priorities;
  • Requirements for written programs and policies, and
  • Other compliance related matters,

HEI can provide connections with our team of healthcare professionals on demand. Through this unique service line leaders are able to anticipate and address present and future problems/questions proactively and in real time.

HEI On-Demand
HEI On-Demand

Our trusted team of successful, internationally recognized professionals and industry leaders provide superior services, built on a bedrock of decades of healthcare experience and positive interactions with both clients and the regulatory community.

This specialized Service is designed to:

  • Bring the power of collective knowledge directly to the client so that perspectives, interpretations and experiences upon which to base critical decisions, program design and solutions are practical, accurate, relevant and in lock step with current legal requirements and nationally accepted best practices.
  • Connect with SMEs on demand for faster and more decisive, practical solutions
  • Provide unfettered access to expertise by connecting with experts in the field

The HEI system is designed to connect our customers with select team members for a:

  • phone call,
  • private virtual meeting,
  • video session (e.g. Zoom or TEAMS), or
  • online survey prep guidance,

so they can quickly glean insights, expert advice, interpretive guidance and perspectives needed to underpin or enhance decision-making and sustainable compliance and performance improvement initiatives.

Customers are invoiced for the services in one-hour increments.

HEI ensures that customers can engage with SMEs and garner expertise and advice, furnished within a well-designed, multifaceted gestalt that safeguards confidential information.

Explain your goals or challenges, and HEI will connect you with the best expert(s) who can:

  • Provide a one-on-one phone consultation.
  • Review plans, blueprints and/or policies to vet, revise, answer questions and help ensure compliance
  • Meet virtually.
  • Provide a full written report of recommendations, guidelines or revisions, as indicated.
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